Our products

Our products are mostly made in PVC, NYLON and POLYETHYLENE. We keep our industries up-to-date with regulations and constant commitment to research, allowing the company to acquire new technologies for best results. Nowadays, our standard range of products can be prodced in new thermoplastic materials as well; we are able to warrant operating temperatures that may range from -40° C to 150 ° C, ensuring excellent elastic-mechanic qualities.

Customer care

Our counting house is always at your service to find you the most fitting product for any required application. Our warehouse has more than 50.000.000 pieces available to guarantee deliveries within 24/48 hours. It is now possible to ask for free samples, place orders or download our products’ tech details autonomously thanks to our new on-line catalogue.

Design solution

In case none of our standard products meets your application requirements, our tech office is at full disposal to design and make a new product in small, medium and big amounts.